Sep 9

Chili Pepper & Dates Harvest

After the super hot 100F weeks, everything in our backyard started to ripe!

Sep 6

Bear Bear is BACK! for Honey Chicken Wings (2nd Spotting 2017)

Our 2 Bear Bear alarm (Doodle + Bobe) goes off again! (just 1.5 weeks after the last visit) Looks like our Bear Bear knows where to find yummy dinner now. (Tonight's dinner Honey Chicken Wings) Tonight we were able to get a glimpse of the big fat Bear close up from our garage

Aug 29

Coyote vs Emily's Car

More wild life spotting tonight, when Emily is coming home and opened the garage, a Coyote runs away

Aug 27

Bear Bear Attack and Modding our Trashcan

After living here next to the San Gabriel Mountain Range for 6 yrs and cleaning up our trashcan for so many years, finally I caught some Wild Bear Bear footage on my Yi 'Wildlife Action Cam' tonight

Jun 24

純純兔 Bunny Rabbit

My New Friend 純純兔????, visiting us from our front door (so Doodle cannot go after her)

Jun 17

Backyard Geographic: Ant VS Redbug

A Single Ant trying to dissect a Red/Black Bug, filmed with Galaxy S8 4K with 60x macro lens

Jun 9

60x High Magification Phone Macro Lens

After playing with my coworker's phone lens shooting Mosquito Larvae photos, I've gotta get one of these. :)

Jun 9

Peach Harvest 2017

Too many Peaches, Doodle 食桃食滯?... lolz

Jun 6

慢吞吞的蝸牛 See Through Snail Eating

Close up of a slow snail eating, if you look carefully you can see through it's skin and see him swallowing the food

May 11

Backyard Bird Watching 2017: Northern Mockingbird Eggs

With wet season this year, spawns lots of bugs, which becomes bird's bug buffet everyday, all season. This year we have Northern Mockingbird eggs

May 1

Doodle Hunting Season 2017: Baby Lizard

It's Summer, and it's Doodle's hunting season, she caught a lizard today

Apr 29

Santa Ana Wind 2017 Late April

First time having Santa Ana wind in this time of the season (usually during Nov/Dec time, never seen late Spring / early Summer) Not as strong as 2011, but still pretty scary

Apr 21

Oh Deer! We've got Visitors

Caught 3 baby looking deer walking by our house this morning

Apr 16

Our Backyard Spring 2017

This year it's California Super Bloom, very wet and cool and extended Spring, and pollens are insane! So I actually have to AVOID going out to the backyard due to pollen allergy, and have been hiding inside the house for this whole beautiful spring season

Mar 29

Backyard Flower Closing Time Lapse

Shot over 3 hours before sunset

Jan 17

誰是凶手競猜遊戲 Who Killed the Bird

A crime scene in our backyard today, someone ate a bird! Who did it? 快D登入TVBfun 參加誰是凶手競猜遊戲啦

Jan 13

Rainy Winter Pineapple Express

California has been RAINING HARD, Janice is outfitting Doggies with our Rainy Season fasion, and NOAA is calling this atmospheric river system "Pineapple Express"


Nov 13

XiaoYi 4K Backyard Cloud Timelapse

Where did all these cloud came from? Looks like smoke coming out of our roof lolz

Sep 28

Summer Backyard Friends: Grasshopper and BB

Tonight I finally found out who has been eating our red plants, and I actually found her baby too

Aug 28

Huge Spider Web

Our new friend tonight, Japanese Hairy Crab!? :)

Aug 27

Classical Concert Sukiyaki

Where can you attend a Classical Concert and eat Sukiyaki? Right in our backyard of course! lolz

Jul 27

Apple Harvest 2016

Harvesting our Apple Tree, finally we have apple to eat! (before the birds get to them)

Jul 22

Santa Clarita Sand Fire 2016

大暑大暑, 上蒸下煮, hottest day of the year, California is burning

Jul 9

Our House Finch Eggs 2016

Smart House Finch using Bobe's hair building the nest, laying 5 eggs

Jun 4

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Summer is here, and our 90F degree weather is back! Got a beautiful visitor today, beautiful Giant Zebra Swallowtail Butterly

Jun 3

Female Architect House Finch building nest short time-lapse

short time-lapse, but took me 3 hours of shooting just to get these couple frames of footage underneath. She (yes, the female is the architect) is actually re-organizing the branches in a circular formation

May 22

Our Mini 辣椒 Chili Pepper

I have been wanting to plant some 辣椒 in our backyard, bought couple today at the nursary and see if they will grow or die

May 15

Patio Swimming Pool

After all these spring rain, our Patio has formed a swimming pool... chee sin!

May 4

Backyard Bird Watching 2016: Yellow House Finch

It's May, and it's STILL Spring this year :) Janice discovered a Yellow House Finch nest in front of our backyard sweet lemon tree

Apr 11

San Gabriel Wild Parrots 2016

The Parrots are back! After 4 days of rain during this weekend, mushroom popping up from our lawn and Parrots visiting

Feb 12

花見 Cherry Blossoms and our Peaches 2016

花見 @ our Backyard, from blooming flowers to 4 months later, producing 300 peaches and turning them into Peach Jam


Nov 10

Bear Bear Visits 2015

Why do we have 屍蟲 in our Trashcan?

Nov 3

Santa Ana Wind 2015

Backyard Timelapse of a morning with Santa Ana Wind gust @ 50mph, swinging our neighbor's big tree

Aug 30

滾水淥蟻 Killing Ant Colony

Internet taught me how to kill the entire Ant Colony with Boiling Water

Jul 31

My New Backyard Friend: Orange Caterpillar

We've got a tiny visitor tonight

Jul 21

When "Rain" became "Historic"

Raining in California is a very BIG DEAL.

Jun 29

"I wish I had a smaller ass..." Army Ant Queen

What's an Army Ant Queen doing in our kitchen?

Jun 25

Harvesting Our Grape

First time we successfully harvest our Grape without being all eaten by Birds and Insects! So Sweet!

May 8

Mocking Bird Babies: 1 Week After Leaving Nest

Found 1 of the 3 little guys that left our Mocking bird nest last week, still can't fly, hiding in the bushes, still screaming every day for food

Apr 26

Backyard Bird Watching 2015: Mocking Bird Babies

Found a new nest again! This time, is a mocking bird nest, and is located in a safe place in front of our house, and accessible and observable

Apr 13

Backyard Bird Watching: Our House Finch 2015

This year, our House Finch built their nest in an extremely hidden location that is really hard to film, even GoPro is way too big to squeeze between this gap

Feb 1

含苞待放的季節 Our Backyard Spring 2015

Where East Coast is Blizzard every single day, spring is here in California and it's 80 degree every day like Summer


Oct 2

Doodle's Kill of the Day: Mr. Gopher

Emily filmed Doodle killed something new again today, it's Mr. Gopher!

Sep 7

中秋 Super Harvest Moon 2014

Tonight's Super Moon + Harvest Moon + 中秋 Moon

Sep 4

Metal Gear Solid Snake

Snake is sneaking around in our Backyard, and Doodle FAILED to kill it this time!

Sep 2

Sharpshooter Leafhopper Rain

Meet my new friend today: Sharpshooter peeing what's called "Leafhopper Rain"

Jun 29

Mini Green Worm

Found a tiny mini green worm in the backyard

Jun 13

Honey Moon

Tonight is Honey Moon, not Honeymoon, but a real Moon in the sky turning into Honey color, look up to see!

Jun 6

Ants Aphids Farm

Ants is known to farm these little bugs (this one is black) and harvest their Sweet Honeydew Pee, they pee out these little round droplet ball ball and the Ants go suck on it

Jun 4

L.A. Traffic

This is L.A. Traffic in our Backyard

Jun 1

Yellow Bugs Family: Milkweed Aphids

For those of you who remember before, I shot a lot of Green little bugs / Green Aphids back in 2010, this is the yellow version: Milkweed Aphids

May 10

Doodle Hunting Season: Northern Mockingbird

Doodle is catching new toy everyday, today, she caught a Northern Mockingbird Baby is learning how to fly

May 4

White Crowned Sparrow Eating Loquat

Birds are happy with Loquat Buffet

May 4

志明與春嬌 2: Lizard in Love

2nd Episode of 志明與春嬌, Lizard edition

May 4

House Finch Nest 5 Weeks Complete Documentary

Filmed over the course of 5 weeks, from Eggs to Baby Flying away, shot in Pasadena California

May 2

It's Too Hot! Busy Bee Flight System Failed

Damn hot lately, even busy bee is stuck and can't fly

Apr 29


Love Birds Dove making love in our backyard

Apr 28

Spring 2014: Emily Midnight Cactus Gardening

2nd round of Midnight Gardening again, this time with Headlights!

Apr 14

Blood Moon 2014

The Dark Side is arriving, the Moon is turning red!

Apr 8

Backyard Bird Watching 2014

This spring, our backyard has so many sweet fruit, attracted lots of birds to come buffet

Apr 8

San Gabriel Valley Wild Feral Parrots visiting our Backyard

Those super Noisy wild parrots discovered the 2 Loquat Trees full of sweet Loquat fruits in our backyard and told their friends, visiting us every evening now

Apr 5

Backyard Gardening Project

Adding some Colorful Spring Colors in our backyard

Mar 25

War Against Termites

I declare victory on our war against termites!

Mar 20

Yikes! We have Termites!

Shit! It has only been 3.5 yrs since we last Tent our house

Mar 7

含苞待放的季節 Our Backyard Spring 2014

Spring Flowers blooming this year after the one and only one big rain of Spring


Aug 15


A 捉蟲 Clip testing my image stablization, shot from inside the house with 600mm and 5 axis gyro on the EM5 with free hands

Jul 19


Testing out one of my old Bee clip with video stablization

Apr 26

Our Pet Hummingbirds 2013

Today I'm shooting with the 100-300mm lens for Olympus EM-5 with 10fps, of course this lens is no where as sharp as my full frame 5DMk3 with 70-300mm f2.8L, but EM-5 produce stunning video with the built in Gyro

Feb 25

Submarine Mama Guppy

Today there's a huge Submarine Mama Guppy with lots of babies, going to explode any minute

Jan 25

含苞待放的季節 Our Backyard Spring 2013

Due to climate change, our seasons are shifting big time. Spring is here, the Bugs and Flowers are telling you.

Jan 11

Backyard Clear Day

Beautiful clear day after rain today, enjoying the view from our Backyard, seeing LA Downtown, Long Beach and even Catalina Island from 60+ miles away


Nov 5

Backyard Arcadia Nightview

With the new 40 steps installed in our backyard, our city view gets a lot prettier

Oct 19

Doodle's New Friend: 螳螂

Doodle found a new green friend today

Aug 13

Big Ass Spider

Heat of the Summer baked all these underground spider out from the sewer, today we have a new visitor

Jun 7

New Friend with Lots of Legs

Met a new friend today in our Backyard, with lots of legs

Jun 5

Venus Transit

Only nerds care about Venus Transit, "regular" people's reaction after seeing my pix: What!? That's it? hahhah

Apr 18

Our Backyard Friends 2012

Beautiful Spring Weather

Feb 20

含苞待放的季節 Our Backyard Spring 2012

Weather is so warm this year here in Southern California, we didn't really have a Winter. Everyday is a nice 75F degree beautiful day.


Sep 25

Morning Visitor: Wild Eagle

This morning we have a new visitor in front of our house: a gigantic bird, standing there looking for prey all morning

Sep 9

Summer Backyard Friends: Mantodea

Tonight Janice caught a new friend, Mr. 螳螂

Sep 2

Summer Spider 2011

Late Summer is the best time to play with Spider

Aug 10

Summer Backyard Friends: Grasshopper and Lizard

New visitor @ our backyard today, Mr. Grasshopper and Mr. Lizard

Jul 17

Backyard Mushroom

Summer is here, you too can also find some mushroom growing in your backyard. Tho these mushrooms we have this year are so tiny, nowhere close to those portobello size back @ our Pasadena Condo

Jun 3

"動 L" Black Bugs (Aphids) Peeing

New ToORiMa's Backyard Geographic, shot outside Emily's Room Window

May 31

Beautiful Yellow Butterfly Peeing

You have seen my Bird Bird SHITTING video, have you seen a Butterfly PEEING?

May 14

Backyard Spring Cloudy Night 2011

Time Lapse of the gorgeous City Night view of Pasadena shot in our backyard

May 14

Backyard Wonders Spring 2011

Some Backyard Geographic footage filmed this Spring

Apr 28

Spider Bugs Sashimi Buffet

My Pet spider living inside our orange tree just built a web today and catching Bugs sashimi all evening

Apr 15

Backyard Air Show: F/18 Hornet and B2 Bomber

Flight demostration on our flowers

Mar 12

含苞待放的季節 Our Backyard Spring 2011

Spring is here! and ALL the flowers start BLOOMING! Today I spent an hour shooting 700+ photos in our own backyard. Yes, I love flowers, and I'm very 無聊 :)

Mar 10

Do We Have Bear Bear?

This morning we discovered our trashcan is tipped over and all the chicken bone was chewed. Do we have Bear Bear!?

Jan 23

Our Backyard Pet Hummingbirds

Spring 2011 Is Here! Birds are very happy, singing in our Backyard. Meet our Hummingbirds, living in one of our trees


Nov 23

New Fruit Trees in our Backyard

Today our gardener is planting some fruit trees in our backyard, Doodle and Cobe will be giving them nutrition...

Nov 19

Gloomy Rainy Days Backyard

Enjoy shooting rain drops and my slow moving friend with Panasonic GF1 + Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro

Nov 6

Busy Busy Bee.... 好痕~~ 好痕~~ 好痕~~

Just happened to found a BEE today :)

Nov 6

Beautiful Cloudy Starry Night @ Our Backyard

Time Lapse from 12:00am - 1:00am as cloud rolling in, notice the awesome UFO :)

Aug 26

Summer Evening View of San Gabriel Mountain from our Apartment

Just testing a new time lapse setup / auto-timer tonight

Aug 17

Jamie + Doodle: Doodle eating Bee Sashimi

Bark Bark Bark.... Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark!!! whole night, orrrrr... Doodle found a new friend. Bee Sashimi

Mar 22

Snail Drinking Beer

We are eating Snails tonight, one of them got lucky and had some Corrona with us :)

Mar 13

Green Bugs Family

If you have followed my Pix lately, you have seen this Green BUG family that's living inside a tiny red leave in front of my front door I took from 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks later, I revisited them, and their population has grown! :)


Apr 28

Cobe And Friends: Lady Bugs

Cobe has a lot of new friends these days, so many lady bugs surrounding him.


Aug 9

ISS Passby

International Space Station passby the California sky tonight, at night, and we have a very good viewing opportunity. A pity that I didn't have my 200mm lens with me, impossible to take a shot with the ISS shape


Sep 27


Using my 20D 135mm taking a picture of Mars!

Aug 16

soAnimal Bee Hive

Emily got a HUGE Bee Hive at the front door, REALLY scary!