My Name is Doodle!

Looking for Cobe?


Nov 10

Doodle Hunting (for something?)

Is Doodle trying to catch a Parrot? or a Bear Bear?

Sep 22

Hair Chair

Hair Chair meeting our 2 Hairy Friends

Aug 25

Doodle FING 頭: Face Dance

Doodle Crazy Face

May 13

Doodle Drinking

Doodle violently drinking :)

Jan 13

Rainy Winter Pineapple Express

California has been RAINING HARD, Janice is outfitting Doggies with our Rainy Season fasion, and NOAA is calling this atmospheric river system "Pineapple Express"


Apr 29

Doodle in Flower Field

Spring yellow flowers are blooming in our backyard, playing ball ball with Doodle while taking some portraits for her with the beautiful flower field in our backyard

Apr 11

Doodle wants BBQ

Doodle jumped up the table trying to eat BBQ, almost getting her tail on fire :)


Nov 21

Dog Dog Fashion Fall 2015

Checkout the latest Fall Collection for Doodle and Bobe in our backyard

Nov 14

Do 姐有問題

Doodle would run in circles for an hour

Sep 7

Doodle vs. BB-8

How does Doodle react to BB-8? Let's find out

Jun 1

Doodle Stealing Peaches

Doodle has been stealing our peaches and picking them from the tree, and throwing up inside her dog house at night

May 26

Measuring Heart Rate on Dogs with Apple Watch

Does Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor works on Doodle? Let's find out!

Jan 17

GoPro Doodle: 百厭星 vs 百厭狗

Doodle got visitors today, the Chans are here

Jan 15

Wild Ride with Doodle: New GoPro Dog Harness

Got the new Dog Dog GoPro mount for Doodle, take a wild ride with Doodle's Daily Ball Ball Catching routine


Dec 11

Doodle Catching Gopher

Doodle is trying to dig up something in our lawn, but OR C is more important

Oct 12

一個筒 + 一個波 = 玩謝蠢狗 Doodle

Doodle IQ Test, with 1 ball ball and 1 bucket

Oct 2

Doodle's Kill of the Day: Mr. Gopher

Emily filmed Doodle killed something new again today, it's Mr. Gopher!

Aug 29

Doodle's Kill of the Day: House Sparrow

What did you kill today Doodle?

Jul 21

Doodle vs Angry Birds

Dumbass bird keeps #$%&-ing Doodle triggering her to go Hunt for their baby bird

Jul 13 New Friend:

Doodle got a new friend visiting from Hong Kong

Jul 1

Doodle and Ratatouille Rat

Doodle's Catch of the Day: Ratatouille Rat this time!

Jun 22

Doodle's New Pet: Baby Lizard

Doodle caught a new pet today, meet Baby Lizard

Jun 8

Doodle's New Action Cam: Kodak PixPro SP1

Today Emily brought back a new Action Cam for Doodle to try out

Jun 5

Doodle's new Rubberband

Kids now a days goes nuts making these rubberbands, and Jaime choy actually made a Dog Dog version for Doodle lolz

Jun 2

When UPS is here...

This is what happened when UPS truck arrives...

May 30

Summer Dog Dog with So So

2 Dog Dogs with 2 So So's running around in Backyard

May 24

Doodle 牙刷刷

Doodle and Bobe brushing teeth

May 14

Doodle's New Hiking Boots

We've got Doodle 4 shoes! Can go hiking with us during summer and won't burn her paws

May 13

Doodle so hard to decide: 椰青 or BALL BALL?

Summer heat is here, Doodle loves chewing coconut

May 10

Doodle Hunting Season: Northern Mockingbird

Doodle is catching new toy everyday, today, she caught a Northern Mockingbird Baby is learning how to fly

May 9

Doodle Killed 志明

志明呀! 應?我啦! 志明! Doodle killed my Lizard 志明

May 3

Eaton Canyon Dog Dog Hiking

Bringing the Dog Dog for some exercise, Nice Summer Morning Hike

Jan 5

Doodle Godzilla

Doodle became Godzilla! haha laugh die


Nov 3

Reindeer Doodle

Doodle is ready for Xmas, she's a Reindeer today

Sep 12

Doodle GoPro Mount Experiment 4th Attempt

Today I got another new GoPro mount for Doodle from Shanghai, it mounts to doodle's back instead of neck, let's see if it works?

Aug 13

Air Doodle Slam Dunk

Airborne Doodle flying in our backyard, weeeeeeee!

Aug 9

Doodle's Summer 夏日熱辣辣食椰青

Doodle eating Coconut

Jul 30

Doodle's Summer

Doodle's Daily Life catching the Orange Ball Ball

Jun 2

DoodleHero 3

Doodle is GoProHero today, be prepared to get dizzy!

May 24


For those older generations that have not previously seen HADOKEN photos and take things very seriously, and really believe that Doodle was Blown away by my Hadoken 氣 (chi), I must publish a note of Disclaimer: No Doodle was hurt during shooting of Hadoken photos and is entirely Humane :)

May 6

Homeless Doodle

施捨個發財錢啦...! ahhaha I can totally bring Doodle to sit on the street of Pasadena Old Town during the weekends and make some cash :)

Apr 12

Cirque du Doodle

Emily bought this new Doggie Obstacle Course set to play doodle :) let's see if we can train doodle to be as smart as those San Diego Zoo level? :)

Apr 9

Doodle 開扭蛋

We gave a Dog Dog Cookie 扭蛋 for Doodle, can she figure out how to open it?

Mar 8

潮爆 Doodle 小露寶

Doodle got some new boots today! :) She looks so silly

Feb 1

Doodle Hates R/C Car 2013: GoPro Hero 3 Edition

Mounted the GoPro on my old RC Car chasing Doodle again


Dec 25

金牌龍門 Doodle 2013

Latest version of 金牌龍門 Doodle with 1st person view

Dec 23

Happy Holidays from Doodle and Families 2012

Doodle's new Xmas Dress

Nov 14

Lady Gaga Doodle

Doodle is in Style!!! Laugh Die!

Oct 26

Neon Doodle

Doodle is ready for Halloween Rave Party

Oct 2

Doodle's New Obstacle Course

Doodle loves the new MESS we have in our Backyard

Sep 10

Ball Ball Bag and Ball Ball Dog

New York Fashion Week: Doodle is in STYLE! Dressing her up as the latest Ball Ball pattern

Aug 24

Summer 2012: Doodle 大風吹

Emily FINALLY gave up this unefficient "Sit there HAIR DRYING the DOG for 3 hours" idea and start using this much more efficient BIG FAN Drying the DOG after Doodle Shower

Aug 13

Doodle 收埋舊骨 Part II 之終於比人?到我舊骨

Finally we found Doodle's Treasure

Jul 15

Playboy Doodle Bunny

Comicon weekend, Doodle is cosplaying too haha!

Jul 1

DirecTV Doodle Satellite Dish

Doodle becomes a Satellite Dish today

Jun 30

Doodle SloPro fake 1000fps

faking 1000fps, pretty bad :)

Jun 30

Doodle x SloPro Fake Highspeed Camera

High Speed Camera? there's an app for that!

Jun 29

Doodle and Mickey

Doodle found herself a new toy today: Mickey Mouse! :) She loves it!

Jun 26

Doodle + EdSo

Doodle + EdSo + Soccer

Jun 20

金牌龍門 Doodle

Doodle is an awesome Goalie

Jun 17

Doodle Shower 2012

Miss Doodle Summer Shower Day

Apr 18

Doodle (doesnt like her) New Ball Ball

Emily bought a new ball ball for Doodle, no, she hates it!

Apr 10

Doodle 收埋舊骨

Doodle is hiding her bone

Mar 30

Dood in Boots

Doodle has new Boots today, wearing 4 black boots

Mar 15

Doodle Peeling Orange

Doodle is peeling her favorite pink ball ball

Mar 4

Techno Dog Dog Party

Here comes Techno Dog Dog: Doodle + Bobbe

Feb 27

Doodle is ready for Next Year Westminster Dog Show

Special 雜種狗 Category :)

Jan 24

恭喜發財! Doodle 逗利是

Doodle is so smart! She was able to open her own 利是!

Jan 21

Doodle CNY Dog Dog Competition 2012

Doodle is entering her 1st 選美 Competition! 我係15號佳麗Doodle, 我?志願係追住個波, 多謝!!!

Jan 15

Doodle Princess

All the little girl kids want to be a PRINCESS these days, and Doodle wants to be one too!


Dec 31

Doodle Hea Hea Hea

So Tired after Catch Ball Ball, tongue cannot put inside mouth

Dec 23

雪中送炭, 寒夜送暖: 關愛行動 2011

This winter, we visited ?房住客 Doodle and 街頭露宿者 Cobe

Dec 15

肚餓! 肚餓! 肚餓! Cobe Doodle waiting for Breakfast

Cobe Doodle are very CHAU JURN every morning

Oct 30

Doodle Run Chicken

Doodle became a CHICKEN today!

Oct 24

Doggies preparing for Winter

Winter is here, Cobe Doodle and Bobe getting ready.

Oct 23

Doodle's Rain Coat

Doodle got a new Rain Coat, to avoid Bobe's 口水

Oct 15

Doodle Sau E Visit

Doodle need to visit Sau E and GUD pad pad today, Mommy Janice is bringing her today.

Oct 2

Doodle is FAT!

After 2 weeks of SLEEPING with no exercise (I was in Europe and Doodle wasn't moving with SIU LA BA after surgery)

Sep 26

小喇叭 Doodle 2011

Naughty Doodle got in trouble last week when I was gone, running all over the mountain and got some foxtail stuck inside her palm

Aug 22

Doodle Frisbee Training: Failed

Today, we've got some new toy for Doodle, let's see if she knows how to play

Aug 13

Doodle Towing Training: Failed!

Today I'm trying to train Doodle to Tow me :)

Aug 8

Doodle doesn't need Agility Class

Those dog dog classes are completely Low-B for Doodle

Aug 3

Summer Dog Dog Shower Day

Cobe Doodle taking a shower on a hot summer day

Jul 31

Doodle Shy Dog Dog Class

Emily has been bringing Doodle to go to this Shy Dog Dog Class (yes, Doddle is very SHY! hahah) for the past few weeks, and today, she brought back some pix

Jun 19

Doggie Walkie Talkie: 玩死 Doodle

Edward brought over a new Dog Dog Toy today: Doggie Walkie Talkie! haha Doodle goes NUTS!

Jun 8

Doodle Dog Dog Cookie Truck

Tonight is Jones Coffee Wheel Food Wednesday again, we are bringing Doodle to try the Dog Dog Cookie PhyDough Truck

May 30

Doodle Balloon

Jaime demonstrating how to make Doodle Balloon

May 19

Cobe's New Girlfriend: 窈窕 Doodle

Cobe (really thought he) got a new Girl Friend today, Doodle looks complately different (and of course, smells completely different too!)

May 5

Doodle 1st Birthday

Today Mommy Emily bought a whole bunch of Dog Dog Cake, May is Doodle's birth month cause nobody knows when Doodle was born. Happy Birthday Doodle.

Apr 18

Muddy Doodle Taxi

Latest Doddle's spring fashion: Muddy Offroading Doodle Taxi!

Apr 7

Doodle Soccer

A beautiful California spring afternoon in the backyard

Mar 31

Doodle is a Hot Dog today

It's end of March, and it's 105oF today. Doodle's tongue won't go inside her mouth.

Mar 26

Raymond + Emily Visiting with Angry Dog

Raymond and Emily are visiting us from Santa Monica with their two Angry Dog, woof woof!

Feb 23

Super Dog Figher IV

The 3rd Edition of Doodle vs Cobe

Feb 23

Cobe Doodle Dog Fight 2011 Footage

Real Dog Fight, caught on Camera

Feb 22

Dog Fight 2011 Trailer

Latest Dog Fight: Doodle vs Cobe, for real this time, caught on camera

Jan 23

3 Dog Dogs At Dog Dog Park

Cobe Doodle Bobe all going to the Dog Park, so sad... Cobe got DIU SEE FUD....

Jan 12

Doodle Helmet

Emily made Doodle a Helmet today, ready to go Snowboarding!

Jan 10

3D Dog Dog Theater

In 2010, We have Doodle TV. In 2011, We have 3D Dog Dog Theater


Dec 28

Doodle Jailbreak Demonstration

Doodle figured out how to Jailbreak! Demonstration how to jailbreak, really, breaking out of her own Jail

Dec 27

Bobe Doodle Dating At Dog Park

Bobe and Doodle dating at our neighborhood Dog Park, meeting some new friends today.

Dec 9

Dog Fight After Math: Doodle vs Cobe

Obviously I'm too late to film the action!

Dec 9

Dog Fight - A True Story Trailer

Doodle and Cobe fighting for a BONE

Nov 11

Cobe & Doodle 2010 Winter Collection

Designer soanimal custom made Cobe Winter Collection 2010

Nov 2

Doodle On Morphine... SO HIGH!

Sau E cut up doodle today and made her an even more Girly Girl, Doodle is wearing Siu La Ba all day and SO HIGH after morphine shot :)

Oct 31

Doodle Meeting our Neighbor's Dog Dog

Doodle has been barking like crazy at our neighbor's dog dog, we were thinking maybe if they are friends they won't bark at each other...

Oct 24

RC Jeep vs. Cobe + Doodle

Dug out my RC Jeep from N-Years ago Birthday present, still works! Cobe + Doodle has something to play with today

Oct 24

Doodle Cow + Bobe Cow

Doodle and Bobe becomes a COW!

Oct 23

New Cobe II Dog Dog: Bobe

Old Cobe is living with us now, Edward and Brenda missed Cobe so much that they now wants their own Cobe, version 2. His name is Bobe

Oct 21

Dirty Doodle

OMG! What have you DONE? Doodle is hiking our backyard! Even Cobe is staying away from you!

Oct 19

Doodle New Rain Coat

It's getting cold and starts raining for the season, Doodle got a new Rain Coat today

Aug 21

There's an App for Doodle! Doodle vs iPad

We realized iPad is too advanced for Doodle (on Youtube etc, some dogs and dolphins can communicated with Human via iPad!) Doodle is not as civilized... hehe but at last we found an App that Doodle is interested in!

Aug 20

Doodle Moving Inside the House (by herself)

Doodle was very busy tonight, moving all her belongings one by one inside the house. She figured out how to fit her toys through the tiny patio door gap we left her, smart dog dog!

Aug 15

Doodle Roll Over Command

Emily is teaching Doodle Roll Over command now, partially working! :)

Aug 15

High Speed Doodle

Doodle can run soooo fast, cannot catch up with her...

Aug 9

Doodle Riding 午夜快車

When Doodle goes out with Emily, she only stayed on the carpet/floor of the TSX, cause she's not tall enough to see the Window yet. Today, I took Doodle out for a spin and let her learn how fast a car can go for the 1st time

Aug 9

Training Doodle to play Augmented Reality Football

In 2010, you just can't train your dog dog to play fetch...

Aug 6

Crazy Doodle 撞鬼

Doodle's favorite 牛牛 toy, she has been chewing for several weeks, and all of a sudden, she realized 牛牛can BARK!

Aug 4

Lunch With Doodle

Doodle Fine Dining Restaurant Manner Training, 1st time bringing Doodle to have lunch with us.

Aug 3

Toothbrush for Baby Dogs: CET Chew

Commercial for Sau E

Aug 2

Doodle Left Right Hand Hand Command (with iPhone iMovie Edit)

Testing iPhone 4 iMovie capability, full 720p HD editing and encoding, amazed what a 2010 phone can do now a days, but still not very practical

Jul 24

Jaime Watching Doodle TV

Jaime and the Choys meeting Doodle for the 1st time, Doodle is very popular now a days. But, can I play with Doggie?

Jul 22

Doodle meeting Sau E 斗雞眼 Meow Kiwi

Doodle visiting Sau E's Meow Meow Kiwi today, and learning how to Fetch

Jul 20

Doodle Private Sau E and Trainers

Sau E and James visiting Doodle tonight. Ouch.

Jul 18

Edward Keeping Doodle Dog awake

Doodle Dog has been barking since 5am every morning! (Damn previous keeper!) Tonight, Edward is meeting Doodle Dog for the 1st time and help us keeping her awake, DON'T SLEEP!

Jul 17

When a Big Dog Dog meets a Small Dog Dog: Cobe Meeting Doodle

Cobe meeting Doodle for the 1st time, Cobe is 150lbs, Doodle is 10lbs, only 15x bigger...

Jul 17

Dirty Doodle Taking a Shower

Fast! Only took 3 minutes to shower compare to Cobe's 3+ Hours

Jul 16

New BB Doodle Dog Dog

Janice and Emily brought back a BB Doddle Dog Dog today, still doesn't have a name yet. Help Name this Dog Dog!