Something About ToORiMa: Did you know ToORiMa once worked @ NASA JPL?
Oct 1

1400 Riviera House Remodel (Finalized)

The Final week of 1400 house

Sep 30

Alex + Jason Wedding: Dinner Banquet

Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club

Sep 30

Alex + Jason Wedding: Ceremony

Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club

Sep 30

Alex + Jason Wedding: Tea Ceremony

Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club

Sep 30

Jason + Alexandra Wedding

Beautiful Wedding held @ Bel Air Bay Club

Sep 27

Jason + Alex Pre-Wedding Dinners

Their big day is getting near, eating multiple dinners with their relatives before Jason M3's Big Day

Sep 26

GLOBE Team New Member Jessica

Taking our new Hire to lunch @ Urban Plates

Sep 25

Tokyo Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Night! Bringing the gang who has never discovered this wonderful Fried Chicken joint before, which is still people mountain people sea after all these years

Sep 25

ۮas` Halfway Mooncake

Emily did all these work grinding fresh lotus attempting to make mooncake this year, end up in the trash. Failed

is also Available.

Sep 25

Blue Bottle became _@ Nestle

Our favorite single original / single coffee farm coffee bean subscription service, went from Tonx, bought up by Blue Bottle, and now, bought up AGAIN by Nestle. You just can't escape monopoly now a days.

Sep 25 Very unique and weird beans this week: #Myanmar beans! noy! #bluebottle is awesome!

Sep 23

Santa Cruz Cracked Triangle @ JPL Gabrielino MTB

Yike! I must have hit a granite rock (and I didn't even realize until washing the bike afterwards) when I was doing a ride today @ JPL Gabrielino, I guess Carbon Fiber aren't that strong afterall! (this time it breaks before my bone does)

is also Available.

Sep 22

Hair Chair

Hair Chair meeting our 2 Hairy Friends

Sep 20

Vivian In Town 2017

Professor Lee is in town, eating her favorite Korean food in LA

Sep 19

Go Kart Fun - 16 Laps x 2 Race Footage

Footage from my Helmet Cam

Sep 18

GLOBE Team Go Kart Fun 2017

Fun day racing some Go Kart @ Burbank

Sep 18

GLOBE Team Go Kart Fun

This monday weekly meeting, we are here @ Burbank racing Go Kart :)

Sep 17

Sous Vide Pork Chop

After Sous Vide Tritip, Sous Vide Hainan Chicken Rice, tonight I'm trying Sous Vide Pork Chop, 2 flavors of super simple and fast

Sep 15

UV Light Mosquito Trap

Catching some damn mosquitoes that keep biting us with this USB powered trap

Sep 15

War Against Bugs (Mosquitos and Flies)

This summer, probably due to our newly installed smart lawn irrigation system, we have created a perfect nice and moist backyard for mosquitos to spawn... and we are starting to have mosquito problem and getting bite everyday even we tried our best to keep our windows and door shut, mosquitos keep finding their way to get inside the house! so we have to do something about it

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